PROUT Convention 2019

A 6 Day Program Integrating Spirituality, Activism, Creativity and Fun

– A Universal Outlook
For those new to Prout “PROUT” stands for “Progressive Utilization Theory”. It is an alternative socio-economic theory based on the worldview that humans and all of creation are part of a universal family on a common journey towards higher consciousness. As aware and knowledgeable members of the family we have a responsibility to safeguard the security and well-being of fellow family members. This is a spiritual worldview with strong social, economic and environmental implications. As such the Prout Convention is a blend of spiritual retreat, learning and inspiration for progressive change.

– Spirituality and Creativity
Kiirtan (chanting) and meditation are at the core of the convention. Four sessions of kiirtan and meditation every day and two sessions of yoga asana practice create a strong spiritual flow. For those who love chanting, every retreat brings the opportunity to learn new melodies and hear old melodies played in a new way. Spiritual talks from teachers and experienced practitioners bring insight and inspiration and the evening cultural get-togethers offer a warm-hearted opportunity to enjoy the performances of our talented international family.

– A Growing Project
Ananda Gaorii Master Unit (retreat center and organic farm) itself is constantly developing. We have a growing number of talented volunteers, we are making great progress in our garden, increasing our production and taking our products to market, and we are looking forward to showing off a new roof, new rooms and other improvements.

– For the Whole Family
There will be a complete child care program in the children’s tent and the enclosed children’s area with activities aimed at developing their sense of connectedness with all life and their own inner greatness and beauty. Trips to the nearby beach and forest will be offered along with special activities for teenagers.

– Accommodation
Ananda Gaorii has a combination of rooms, dormitories and grassy fields for camping (see for more pics). Most of the rooms have double bunk beds while some of the dormitories have mattresses on the floor. Participants should bring their own sheets, sleeping bag, etc. Those who need more privacy and peace (and loud snorers) are encouraged to bring their own tent and camp (Note: We will set up some of Ananda Gaorii’s tents and make a limited number available for participants). Be sure to register early if you want to have a choice of accommodation.

If you have special needs for accommodation (due to a disability, bringing an infant etc.) you can contact Didi Ananda Sumantrita by email: or Tel. +45 26 46 55 57

For updates on the program and an idea of the daily schedule, check the convention website:

To register kindly: 1) pay the advanced booking fee (40 Euro/300 Dkk) or the full amount and then; 2) fill out the registration form. Space is limited (except for camping). Paying the advanced booking fee gives you the opportunity to secure your preferred accommodation and special needs if you have them.

Click on the link below to register:

Note: Registration fee covers, accommodation, food and program participation.

– Standard: €225 (1700 DKK)
– Students, pensioners, unemployed: €170 (1250 DKK)
– Children 5-12: €100 (750 DKK); Children 0-5: Free
– Portugal, Spain, Greece €160 (1200 DKK)
– Russia, Romania, and Balkan countries €135 (1000 DKK)
– Outside Europe: concessions will be available when registering in advance or at registration.

How to Pay:
– By Paypal:
– By MobilePay: 10373
– By Bank Transfer:
Account name: Ananda Gaorii MU
(Bank name: Danske Bank)
Address: Holbækvej 56, Vig, Denmark, 4560
IBAN: DK1330004614434090
(Account No.: 4001 4614434090)
DESCRIPTION: “Prout Convention”

NB! Please include the words “Prout Convention” in the message line.

Contact Information
Address: Ananda Gaorii, Holbækvej 56A, 4560 Vig,

Mob. +45 26453521 (Dada Ambareshvarananda)
Mob. +45 71881273 (Dada Krsnasevananda)
Mob. +45 71417362 (Dada Rudranath)
Mob. +45 22206992 (Turiiya)
Mob. +45 22206991 (General)
Mob. +45 31371690 (station pick-up - Karina)
Mob. +45 27582834 (station pick-up - Tanmaya)


– What to Bring
Sleeping bag/blanket, bedsheet, pillow, yoga mat, indoor slippers, notebook, pen, swim suit, towel, toiletries, sun cream, hat, sun glasses, notebook, pen, sports shoes, day pack.

– Getting There
For those of you coming by public transport please buy a ticket to Vig station and we will pick you up there. It takes two hours from the airport and one and a half hours from Copenhagen Central. If you are coming from the airport you need to change at Copenhagen Central and again at Holbaek (Holbæk). It is very time consuming for us to drive all the way to the airport so we would be extremely grateful if you could come to Vig. (If there is a long wait for the next train at Holbaek, try catching the bus. The ticket is the same for both.)

Information about the Program of this year’s convention will be published here as it takes shape. You can participate in creating this year’s program by SHARING YOUR IDEAS FOR A THEME FOR THE PROUT CONVENTION. You are also invited to share your ideas for workshops and guest speakers and any other suggestions that will help create an excellent Prout Convention. Click on the link below to share your ideas (or you can mail them in privately to ). Thank you for your participation! Looking forward to an inspiring Prout Convention 2019.