Join us for our third Spiritual Warrior Camp in Denmark on June 26-28!

Where yoga meets your inner warrior: set in the land of Vikings, Bronze Age burial mounds and a rich cultural history, we will help you cultivate your inner warrior on a foundation of spiritual ethics and practice.

Using scenario based trainings Satya and Trilokesha will challenge you to practise your emergency response skills, teamwork and self-leadership, culminating in an outdoor adventure assessment in the ‘Land of the Sun Chariot’. Be prepared to challenge yourself physically, mentally and spiritually!

Curriculum includes:
– Team work
– First aid certification
– Emergency response skills
– Basic security skills
– Becoming an ethical warrior
– Conflict resolution
– Physical training
– Yoga and meditation practice

Program details available here: http://spiritualwarriortraining.dk/en/workshop/spiritual-warrior-camp-3/

Cost: 950 dkk (850 dkk early bird 14th June, 700 dkk students/unemployed)) or 130 Euros
REGISTRATION: http://spiritualwarriortraining.dk/en/workshop/spiritual-warrior-camp-3/

What to bring: Sleeping bag and pillow (suitable for a tent), warm/wet weather clothes/shoes for outdoor hiking/training. Day pack, water bottle, clothes/shoes for physical training, notebook and pen, toiletries and towel.

What we provide: Food, tents or rooms (depending on weather), mattresses, first aid certification, and a guaranteed adventure!

Payment: Paypal (info at nhls.eu), or bank transfer (see booking email)

Mental preparation:

In times of urgent need, disaster relief, and emergency response we have to find ways to balance just-enough meditation and internal practices with external action. Thus there there won’t be time for long meditation and asana practice that you would ordinarily find on a meditation intensive, though we meditate at least twice a day together.

Your challenge and resulting growth in this program will focus on self discipline through timeliness, reliability and springing to action. The ‘artificial’ pressure of the clock brings about the structure and discipline required for you to focus, knuckle down and give birth to a new part of yourself: a spiritual warrior!

The viking warrior mythology comes to Ananda Gaorii:

In recent times a dark polarising force has begun to cover the earth. Some people are mysteriously turning from ordinary human beings into jötnar, or Norse mythological giants, a different race who often live in opposition, or competition to humans. Whilst traditional jötnar would often interact in a non-hostile manner, this newer breed have been drinking atma-sukha tattva, the elixir of selfish pleasure, badly affecting their mental state and ability to contribute to a more peaceful society.

Intelligence from the local authorities suggests that unknown sources are spraying vegetable crops and local water sources with a magic potion that turns people into jötnar during their sleep. For this reason, local authorities have asked Ananda Gaorii Farm to secure the area and prepare to receive local refugees, fleeing from conflict. Come join us in learning how to prepare for the (zombie) jötnar apocalypse and render service to those in need!