Yoga Teacher Training — (RYS-200h), November 2023

(Arrival: Nov 1, Training: Nov 2 – 24, Departure: Nov 25)

This yoga teacher training is a transformative journey that awaits aspiring yoga teachers and dedicated practitioners at Ananda Gaorii Ashram in Denmark. The well-balanced curriculum will awaken your inner yogi, equipping you with comprehensive knowledge, hands-on experience, and a spiritual flow to embark on a life-changing path as a qualified yoga teacher. Immerse yourself in a tranquil and nurturing environment, surrounded by nature’s beauty, and embrace the loving atmosphere that pervades the Ashram. Discover the depths of yoga philosophy, enhance your physical practice, and find your true potential in this uplifting and rewarding yoga teacher training.

🔸Internationally Recognized Teaching Certificate

Upon successful completion of the training you will receive a teacher’s certificate from Ananda Marga and the right to a Yoga Alliance certificate also. The Yoga Alliance certificate is a recognized certificate accepted in yoga schools around the world. (Note: each participant will have to join the Yoga Alliance individually and pay the joining fee. Once that is done, simply state when and where you completed the training and you will get your certificate).

🔸Qualified and Experienced Trainers

Between them, our distinguished instructors, Dada Krsnasevananda and Santosha, have more than 50 years of experience and have refined this course over many years. They are passionate about sharing their expertise with you, so you too can become a competent teacher and an inspired practitioner.

🔸A Tranquil and Nurturing Environment

Ananda Gaorii Ashram is a ten-hectare property pleasantly surrounded by the rolling green fields of the Danish countryside. It provides a quiet atmosphere whose main characteristic is the sound of birds and the wind in the trees. We are also fortunate to be located near beautiful forests and beaches easily accessible by car or bike or a longer walk if you are up for it. The surrounding countryside is dotted with quaint farms and cozy villages, many of which provide beautiful examples of traditional Danish rural architecture. The course is pretty intense but you will have opportunities to enjoy and explore the surrounding countryside and you are most welcome to stay for a few extra days if you feel like it. 

🔸A Loving Atmosphere

At Ananda Gaorii our daily routine includes chanting and meditation which is deeply rooted in the yogic tradition. The loving atmosphere created by the chanting and meditation will embrace you the moment you arrive and you will enjoy meeting other like-minded spiritual practitioners with whom you can share this transformative experience. 

🔸Cozy Accommodation

Ananda Gaorii can’t provide individual rooms for each participant but we make up for that with pleasant dorms, cozy common spaces, friendly residents and beautiful views. We have a well-equipped kitchen, a spacious and comfortable dining room, a beautiful library, an attractive meditation hall and plants and paintings everywhere. 

🔸Tasty, Nutritious and Calming Food

The food at Ananda Gaorii is based on the yogic vegetarian, or “Sattvic”, diet, which consists of foods that are not only beneficial for the body but also calming for the mind. Most meals are vegan, but we also provide a vegan alternative for dishes that contain dairy products. We have an organic garden that provides an abundance of nourishing and tasty produce prepared with love by our kitchen staff who are also yogis. Our prize-winning organic bakery bakes delicious bread that includes a wide range of vegan and gluten-free products.

🔸A Pleasant Combination

The combination of good food, nice people, a beautiful environment and an inspiring spiritual flow make Ananda Gaorii a truly uplifting and rewarding environment for yoga teacher training. 

🔸A Comprehensive and Inspiring Curriculum


  • A comprehensive 200 hour curriculum covering in-depth study of asanas, teaching methodology, anatomy, meditation, and yogic philosophy.
  • An integrated and unique approach covering Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga, Karma Yoga, Tantra Yoga, Jinana Yoga, and Bhakti Yoga.
  • Focus on teaching skills including hands-on teaching practice, instructions, adjustments, modifications, and sequencing of yoga postures for classes featuring various goals and themes. 
  • Learn anatomy, therapeutic and safe forms of practice, and the bio-mechanics of yoga postures under the guidance of Santosha, who is a professional physiotherapist.
  • Get In-depth meditation guidance from Dada Krsnasevananda, a yoga monk with 40 years of experience in teaching meditation.
  • Benefit from an ashram environment with full immersion in the yoga lifestyle and routine.


  • In-depth workshops on teaching classical yoga postures from easy to difficult
  • Safe and effective guidance for students in and out of asanas
  • Special emphasis on asanas for meditation and concentration
  • Verbal cues for asana families
  • Warm ups and physical preparation for asanas
  • Modification of asanas and use of props and belts
  • Healthy practice do’s and don’ts
  • Use of Mudras, Bandhas, and pranayama in asana practice
  • Taking into account climate and time variables
  • Self-massage as part of yoga practice
  • Guided deep relaxation / Yoga Nidra


  • Daily supervised teaching practice
  • Sequencing and planning classes
  • Understanding student needs and providing guidance
  • Overcoming stage fright
  • Communication, voice, and language
  • Principles of physical cues and adjustments
  • Creating class environment and mood
  • Ethical guidelines and the role of a yoga teacher
  • Teacher integrity and motivation
  • Developing meditative flow in asana classes


  • Yoga in the context of the Hero’s Journey
  • Deeper meaning of yoga and tantra
  • Integration of the six schools of Yoga – Karma, Jinana, Bhakti, Raja, Hatha, and Tantra
  • 8 Limbs of Astaunga Yoga
  • 5 levels of mind and their development
  • Yoga Cosmology – Who am I? Where do I come from and other big questions
  • Dharma – understanding the human mission
  • Yoga Ethics – foundation of spiritual practice
  • Bio-psychology and science of the Chakras
  • Pranayama and Vayus (energy flows)
  • History and Evolution of Yoga
  • Karma and Reincarnation


  • Safe integration of pranayama in asana practice
  • Understanding when not to practice pranayama
  • Simple and safe pranayamas for class use
  • Using pranayama for treating injuries and ailments


  • Lalita Marmika – devotional dance with Kiirtan (chanting)
  • Kaoshikii – all-round exercise for elevating body and mind and treating diseases
  • Tandava – ancient dance that exercises the brain and develops courage and fitness


  • Benefits of meditation
  • Demystifying meditation and how it works
  • Clear guide to effective meditation
  • Useful tips for better meditation
  • Power of mantra
  • Using kiirtan (chanting) to enhance meditation practice
  • Meditation practices for class use
  • Daily practice of meditation
  • Maintaining a daily practice
  • Meditation teaching practice
  • Meditation and mental health issues


  • Anatomical planes and terminology
  • Major joints, bones, muscles, and movement
  • Types of tissues and their function
  • Muscle contraction and lengthening
  • Primary families of asanas and anatomical regions involved
  • Spine and common disorders
  • Injury prevention and recovery
  • Common pathology and addressing it when teaching
  • Introduction to systems of the body and correlation to yoga practice
  • Yoga and stress management


🕠 05:45 – Asana Class

🕡 06:45 – Meditation, Mantra Singing, and Pranayama

🕗 08:00 – Breakfast

🕣 08:30 – Karma Yoga

🕘 09:00 – Morning Workshops

🕛 12:00 – Noon Meditation/Meditation Workshop

🕐 13:00 – Lunch

🕑 14:00 – Leisure/Study Time

🕒 15:00 – Afternoon Workshop

🕔 17:00 – Asana Class

🕕 18:00 – Meditation, Mantra Singing, and Spiritual Reading

🕢 19:30 – Dinner

🕘 21:00 – Lights Out


Private massages, facials, physiotherapy and ayurvedic health consultations will be available during free time and free days for an additional charge. 




  • 100% refund if cancelled two weeks prior to the retreat.
  • 80% refund if cancelled more than one week prior to the retreat.
  • 50% refund if cancelled less than one week prior to the retreat.


For more information please don’t hesitate to contact us at:

+45 71 88 12 73

+45 22 54 66 80

email: .