One of the greatest supports through the ups and downs of ones spiritual growth is time spent with others who are also on the spiritual path. In Ananda Marga Copenhagen we have a loving community, open for everybody, where we support and share our common interest in spirituality and meditation.


Group meditations

Every Sunday at 4 pm we offer collective meditation. This is called Dharma Chakra (literally “Truth Circle”). Dharma Chakra provides an opportunity to benefit from the collective spiritual energy generated by meditating together. Most people are able to have a deeper meditation during collective meditation which gives a boost for their personal practice. Before the sitting meditation we also practice chanting  the mantra “BABA NAM KEVALAM” (“Love Is All There Is”) which creates an atmosphere of joy and love that makes sitting meditation easier to get into. After meditation one of our teachers will give a spiritual discourse to provide knowledge and inspiration. Lastly we share a vegetarian meal.



We organize retreats on a regular basis, allowing the participants to go deeper into their spiritual practise, and have a great social experience. Usually a retreat will contain yoga, meditation, lectures, delicious vegetarian food,walks in nature and many other lovely activities. It will normally take place at our farm in the beautiful country side of Holbæk.


Womens meditation

We also have collective meditation for women once a month in each others homes, sharing our energy and strengthening our relationships.


Jagrti Life

An Ananda Marga center is called a “Jagrti” which means “Place of Awakening”. The opportunity to live in a spiritual center is an invaluable boost to one’s spiritual life. We have a modest residential ashram, or Jagriti, at our yoga center, which provides opportunities for living the yogic lifestyle in an authentic environment.


Prout Convention

Once a year Ananda Marga Denmark organizes an international convention known as the “Prout Convention” (Prout is the social philosophy of Ananda Marga). The conventions blends a daily spiritual routine of meditation and yoga with lectures and workshops exploring new ideas, opportunities and skills to help us make positive changes in the world. Evenings are devoted to theatrical and musical performances by participants and talented invited artists.

The convention takes place at our farm in the beautiful countryside of Holbæk and is open for everyone. Usually between 150 and 250 people participates in the event.