6 – Day Silent Meditation Retreat

Together with 24syv we invite you to encounter 6 days of Silence to deepen your methods of self enquiry. This is a unique chance for those seeking inner Silence & peace of mind to take part in our Silent Retreat for FREE.

On June 25-30 we will focus exclusively on meditation, chanting and yoga. Chanting is excepted from the Silence but there will be opportunities to talk to an instructor if needed.

Why Silence?
It allows our inner watcher to become strong enough to observe our body, thoughts and feelings we might not be aware of.​ During the Retreat we will learn to befriend our mind and watch it with great friendliness.

The participation in the Retreat is FREE but we are looking for those who haven’t tried Silent retreats (for example, vipassana) before. The event is sponsored by 24syv that’s why we expect the participants to share their experience of the Retreat. You will be interviewed three times (right after the event, 3 days later and 2 weeks later) for 24syvjournalists to explore the benefits of Silence and see how you will implement the skills learnt during the Retreat in your daily life.
If you are not shy to open up and share your insights with the audience please register here https://forms.gle/WJWhsc8vaRTATKoRA

And yes, your experience will become part of the radio program:)

During these 6 days of Silence we will guide you on your journey to still mind and flexible body.
We have prepared the program specially for those seeking time of deep and profound meditation with minimal distractions. If you are new to meditation then the early rising and long meditation sessions will be simultaneously a challenge but also an opportunity to reach inner depths never experienced before. Meditation guidance will be given from our monks with years of meditation experience.

Give yourself a chance to come back to Silence and enjoy the peace of mind in our comfortable environment.

Rooms with bunk beds, dorms (or camping if you prefer).

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are prepared according to the yogic vegetarian diet (which emphasizes food which is good for the body and calming for the mind).

What to bring
Warm clothes, warm socks, indoor slippers, sleeping bag, bed sheets, yoga mat (if you have one).

Participants will be asked to surrender all electronic devices including computers, phones and tablets at the start of the program. These will be returned after the closing circle on Sunday.

You are encouraged to practice sleeping at 9 and rising at 4 for a few days before the retreat starts to acclimatize yourself.

Ananda Gaorii Ashram, Farm and Learning Center, Holbækvej 56, 4560 Vig.
For those coming by public transport buy a ticket to Vig, and change to the bus or train at Holbæk (the Vig ticket is valid on both the bus and the train). Once in Vig call Dada on 71881273 and we can pick you up at the station.

The number of participants is limited so please complete the online registration form so we can know a bit about you https://forms.gle/WJWhsc8vaRTATKoRA

For more information:
+4571881273 (Dada)
Website: http://www.anandagaorii.dk/