PROUT Convention, Jul 19 – 24 2023

Welcome to the 2023 Global Prout Convention!

The theme of this year’s convention is an extremely important topic in today’s world. Mental health problems are on the rise in nearly all countries, affecting people of all ages, and have reached severe crisis levels among youth. Some guidelines for dealing with these crises can be found in the Prout economy. One of Prout’s quadrilateral divisions of economy that has had little focus yet is Psycho Economy. Many of the mental problems of today are directly related to what P. R. Sarkar has labeled psycho-economic exploitation. At this year’s convention, we will have an in-depth look at the nature of this psycho-economic exploitation. But more importantly, we will collectively discuss and develop ways that we can build stable mental health for individuals and the collective.

P. R. Sarkar has given us many resources to use in dealing with this crisis economically and psychologically.

Since the first Global Convention in France in 1979, conventions have been held intermittently in various parts of the world, including The Philippines and Mexico. However, since the 50th anniversary of the year P. R. Sarkar gave the Prout principles to the world in 2009, global conventions have been organized annually by the Proutist Universal global office in Denmark and the Ananda Gaorii master unit. These conventions have been attended by Prout enthusiasts from around the world.

The convention is a gathering where individuals can learn more about Prout, become acquainted with the various Prout activities taking place in different countries, and explore opportunities to visit and work with them to contribute to building our global community. Many of these projects are focused on addressing local environmental and sustainability issues. Additionally, there will be a children’s program, making it a family-friendly event, with parents able to attend various sessions.

Located in the countryside and nearby miles of beaches, Ananda Gaorii provides an ideal escape for attendees. Much of the vegetarian food served will come directly from Ananda Gaorii’s gardens.

The themes of past conventions have been relevant to global events, and this year’s focus will be on training Proutists to work locally with other organizations and promote Prout ideas and solutions within local movements.

For those familiar with Prout’s five fundamental principles, one principle emphasizes maximizing the physical, metaphysical, and spiritual potentialities of the unit and collective bodies of human society. The convention provides an inspiring setting for personal growth on all three levels, with regular daily collective meditation sessions.


• Standard: DKK2100 / €280

• Student, pensioners, and unemployed individuals: DKK1600 / €215

• Children aged 5-12: DKK950 / €125

• Portugal, Spain, and Greece: DKK1600 / €215

• Russia, Romania, and the Balkans: DKK1350 / €180

• Developed countries outside Europe: DKK2100 / €280

• Rest of the world: DKK1400 / €185

Please note that the pricing information is subject to change without prior notice.


We are pleased to welcome you to the upcoming Prout Convention 2023 – An exciting and dynamic event!


For more information or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at +45 5013 2174. You may also message Dada Krsnasevananda on Facebook.

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