Awakening to Bliss, Apr 06-09 2023

Ananda Marga Easter Retreat

The poet, Rabindranath Tagore wrote, “I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy”. The theme for this year’s spring retreat is “Service” – inner and outer service, service with ideation, service as part of our spiritual path, service as the path to happiness. There will be Dharma Shastras (spiritual talks) and classes about service and discussions exploring who needs our service and what kind of service we can offer. This retreat is aimed at those, who have been initiated into the Ananda Marga meditation practice.

Ananda Gaorii is indeed an Ashram community that focuses on meditation, yoga lifestyle, service, and sustainability. The program is hosted by Dada Krsnasevananda, who is a Sannyasi with a lifetime of experience teaching meditation. The yoga practices at Ananda Gaorii incorporate key elements from the six yoga traditions, which include Jinana, Karma, Bhakti, Raja, Hatha, and Tantra. The primary practice at Ananda Gaorii is a meditation that is based on mantra and visualization.

The Ashram is indeed located on 13 hectares of farmland near the city of Vig, which is approximately an hour away from the central train station in Copenhagen. Guests can enjoy a friendly atmosphere, daily spiritual routine, and fresh country air. The Ashram has various facilities including an orchard, a garden for growing food, prize-winning organic bakery, a sauna, spacious meditation hall, cozy dining hall, and a recreation area. There are separate dormitories for men and women, with shared rooms that can accommodate up to 10 people. Camping in the orchard is also an option during the summer.

Duration: 4 days

Daily Routine

04:45 🔸 Wake up

05:00 🔸 Optional Paincajanya meditation

06:30 🔸  Collective chanting (Kiirtan)

07:00 🔸  Collective meditation (Sadhana)

07:30 🔸  Spiritual talk (Dharma Shastra)

08:00 🔸 Breakfast

09:00 🔸 Workshop

10:00 🔸 Break

10:30 🔸 Activity

12:00 🔸 Kiirtan

12:30 🔸 Sadhana

13:00 🔸 Lunch

14:00 🔸 Workshop

15:00 🔸 Break

15:30 🔸 Activity

17:00 🔸 Kiirtan

18:00 🔸 Sadhana

18:30 🔸 Spiritual Talk (Dharma Shastra)

19:00 🔸 Dinner

20:00 🔸 Evening program

21:30 🔸 Short kiirtans facing all six directions (Avarta Kiirtan)

21:45 🔸 Sadhana

22:00 🔸 Bedtime

Workshop Program

Please bring the following items:

A fitted bed sheet, a duvet (comforter) cover, a pillow case, a bath towel, toiletries, comfortable loose-fitting clothing, indoor slippers, a notebook/pen, and warm clothes for outdoor activities. *A pillow and duvet (comforter) will be provided.


Our cuisine follows the yogic vegetarian diet, which is based on foods that are not only beneficial for the body but also calming for the mind. Most meals are vegan, but we also provide a vegan alternative for dishes that contain dairy products. The yogic vegetarian diet excludes fish, eggs, onion, garlic, and mushrooms, as these foods are believed to be disturbing to the mind.


Prices include meals, accommodation and participation in the program

Standard – 2500 Dkk

Ananda Marga DK Member  – 1500Dkk

Payment and Registration:


After you have made your payment:

REGISTER HERE (after payment)

Cancellations refund policy:

100% refund – Two weeks prior to the event.

80% refund – More than one week prior to the event.

50% refund – Less than one week prior to the event.

How to get to the retreat:

Buy a ticket from Copenhagen Central Station to “Vig”, change at “Holbæk”. You have an option to take two buses; 560 and 566 or the train to Vig. If you come by car, use your navigation to: Holbækvej 56, 4560 Vig.

*Please note: If you arrive too late in Vig to take the bus, please call us 30-minutes before you are due to arrive at the station. We can arrange for someone to pick you up.
Happy travels!

Covid precautions:

Depending on your location and circumstances, there may be varying testing requirements. However, if you are feeling sick, please take precautions by staying home and following local health guidelines. Thank you for your cooperation.

For additional Information:

• Phone: Ashisha +45 22 66 80
. Telegram: @ashiisha
• Email:
• URL: