Yoga Detox Retreat


March 24 – 26, Ananda Gaorii Ashram, Vig

Refresh and Renew Yourself Physically and Spiritually


With a simple and natural approach – daily practice of yoga and meditation and drinking fresh fruit and vegetable juice – we can make a new start on our journey towards health and wellbeing.

At this retreat we use fresh juice and Triphala (Ayurvedic Herbal Combination formula, Detox Tonic for a Complete Body Cleanse) a proven detox technique. By putting your body and mind in a soothing environment away from the stress of everyday life, drinking nourishing and cleansing juices and practicing powerful stress reduction techniques you allow yourself to detox, relax and heal.

Raw fruits and vegetables are nutritional powerhouses which detox your body and help make you healthy and strong inside and out. One glass of fresh fruit and vegetable juice gives more nutrients than many people get in two or three days!!

A few ways that raw juice works its magic…

• The vitamins and minerals in the juice help to fuel the body during cleansing and the naturally alkaline pH level of most fruit and veg helps to rebalance the pH of the body. Common foods like red meat, sugar and grain increase acidity in the body and excess acidity leads to a wide range of health problems which can be counteracted easily with a juice detox.

• Raw fruit and vegetable juices contain an abundance of living enzymes which help promote a healthy internal system. These enzymes help the body break down food and have many health promoting properties. Health on the inside creates health on the outside!!

• Raw juice contains an abundance of elements essential for healthy bodily function;
o Anti-oxidants
o Vitamins
o Minerals
o Enzymes
o And much more

• Raw fruit and vegetable juice has anti-inflammatory properties. Studies have shown that inflammation plays a huge part in many of our western diseases and ailments.

Why Raw?
When undertaking a detox juice fast it is essential that the majority of juice consumed be in its raw state. When heated to high temperature, enzymes are de-activated and vitamin content reduced. Giving the body the maximum amount of enzymes, vitamins and minerals possible, allows it to detox fully and heal effectively.

What is Triphala?
Literally meaning “three fruits”, the powdered form of Triphala is a balanced mix of three fruits with powerful healing properties: Indian Gooseberry, Chebulic Myrobalan and Belleric Myrobalan .

Indian gooseberry (emblica officinalis) or Amla, is considered one of the best rejuvenating herbs in Ayurveda. It’s a strong natural antioxidant containing 20 times more vitamin C than orange juice. In India, Amla is known as the “nurse herb” because it strengthens the immune system and cools the body, balancing the Pitta dosha.

Chebulic Myrobalan (terminalia chebula) or Haritaki, has the strongest laxative powers of the three fruits contained in triphala. In Tibet haritaki is so highly revered that in their sacred paintings it’s often depicted in the extended palm of the medicine Buddha. The herb also has astringent properties and balances Vata.

Belleric Myrobalan (terminalia belerica) or Bibhitaki is an excellent rejuvenative with both laxative and astringent properties. It eliminates excess mucous in the body, balancing the Kapha dosha. In addition, Bibhitaki is a powerful treatment for a variety of lung conditions, including bronchitis and asthma.

General Triphala Benefits
Triphala helps in all tridoshic diseases: constipation, diarrhea, cleansing the eyes or detoxing the colon. It is good for Kapha conditions: gas, bloating, diabetes, parasites.
• Feeling pure, light & revitalized
• Removing toxins, accumulations, gas & bloating without irritating the colon
• Reducing Fibromyalgia pain
• Nourishing your nervous system, blood & muscle
• Improving Adrenal function
• Nourishing the bones, nervous system, & reproductive organs
• Strengthening immune system
• Eliminating excess mucous
• Astringent properties
• Reducing noise & stress induced conditions
• Laxative properties
• Potent healing properties
• Fighting Scabies
• Being a great rejuvenator & antioxidant
• Increasing digestion, assimilation & reduce fat
• Helping a variety of lung conditions, including bronchitis & asthma
• Improves digestion
• Reduces serum cholesterol
• Improves circulation (potentiates adrenergic function)
• Contains 31% linoleic acid
• Exerts a marked cardio-protective effect
• Reduces high blood pressure
• Improves liver function
• Has proven anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties
• Expectorant, hypotensive

15:00 Arrival and registration
17.00 Yoga
18.00 Evening Chanting and Meditation
19.00 Dinner – Fresh juice with Triphala
20.30 Welcoming and introduction
21.30 Relax, Sleep
6.00 Morning chanting and meditation
7.00 Yoga
8.00 Juice breakfast
9.00 Maonabrata – individual silence
10.00 Presentation: 8 Secrets of a Long Life
11.00 Relax/Read/Walk
12.00 Midday chanting and meditation
13.00 Juice lunch
14.00 Maonabrata – individual silence
15.00 Energizing games
16.00 Relax/Read/Walk
17.00 Yoga
18.00 Evening chanting and meditation
19.00 Juice dinner with Triphala
20.00 Spiritual songs and stories
21.30 Relax and sleep
6.00 Morning chanting and meditation
7.00 Yoga
8.00 Detox and Bowel Cleanse
10.00 Juice Breakfast
11.00 Workshop: Keys to a Balanced Life
12:00 Midday chanting and meditation
13.00 Juice lunch
14.00 Relax/Read/Walk
15.00 Closing circle

• Dada Krsnasevananda: Senior Acarya (teacher) of Ananda Marga. A lifetime’s experience teaching yoga and meditation.
• Sofus Juncker: qualified and experienced yoga instructor

Ananda Gaorii Ashram, Farm and Learning Center is located on 13 hectares of farmland near Vig, about an hour from Copenhagen. We have a small orchard, vegetable garden, organic bakery, meditation hall and accommodation for sixty people. We usually have 10 to 20 volunteers who are helping with the farm, construction, cleaning and maintenance and who come to experience our yoga lifestyle. We have dormitories for men and women and a few small rooms.

Normal – 750 Dkk including food, accommodation and program
Students and Unemployed – 600 Dkk

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• Paypal:
• Mobile Pay: 71881273 (in the name of “Colin Whitelaw”)

Register Online at:

What to Bring
Sleeping Bag, sheet, pillow if you need one, comfortable loose fitting clothes for yoga, indoor slippers, pen, notebook, something to read, warm clothes for outdoors, towel, toiletries.

How to Get There
Buy a ticket to “Vig”. Change at Holbæk to bus or train. We will pick you up in Vig. Kindly call us half an hour before you are due to arrive. If you come by car navigate to Holbækvej 56, 4560 Vig.

Contact/More Information
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• URL:
• Farm: 22206991
• Dada Krsnasevananda: 71881273
• Sofus: 42607702