Workshop: “Ask the Right Question – The Power of Self-Enquiry and Other Secrets on the Journey to Enlightenment”

Dada Krsnasevananda is giving a 2 hour workshop this coming Tuesday, Oct 25,  at 7 p.m. at the Human Being Center in Skindergade nr. 23.  Its open to everybody so please invite some people if you feel like it! The theme is: “Ask the Right Question – The Power of Self-Enquiry and Other Secrets on the Journey to Enlightenment”

About the Workshop: If any of you have ever given an interview you will know that you can’t give a good answer if you aren’t asked a good question. Much of the ancient Indian scriptures are in the form of questions and answers between highly developed personalities because it requires wisdom to ask the right question as well as give the right answer. Human beings have vast amounts of untapped potentiality sitting right under our noses. How can we tap it if we never seriously consider the possibility of its existence? This workshop will explore the power of spiritual questions, meditation and other practical techniques that can help us claim our magnificent spiritual inheritance.
About Dada: Dada Krsnasevananda is a Canadian born monk from the spiritual and social service organization Ananda Marga. He has been teaching meditation, yoga and progressive social ideas for 30 plus years in Asia, the Middle East, Australia and Europe. Spending equal amounts of his childhood and adulthood in East and West has helped Dada integrate the two in his approach to life. He is now at the Ananda Marga center in Copenhagen where he runs meditation classes and is involved with progressive groups promoting spiritually-based solutions to economic inequality.