Winter Spiritual Retreat in Sweden

Ananda Marga

Winter Spiritual Retreat

Ydrefors, Sweden

Dec. 27 – Jan. 1



This program is held at our beautiful forest retreat center, 5 hours drive from Copenhagen, in Ydrefors, Sweden ( The unique feature of this retreat is the five day  Akhanda Kiirtan (singing and dancing Baba Nam Kevalam in a circular rotation). How you use the time is up to you. There are no formal lectures, you can do as much meditation and kiirtan as you like, you can also walk or ski in the forest, share in spiritual discussions or get some guidance from a spiritual teacher (Acarya). The cost is 1500 SEK for the whole program (including food) or 300 SEK per day if you can only attend for a few days. The center has comfortable and clean facilities with 70 beds and space on the carpeted floors if we get a big crowd. Bring your own pillow and sleeping bag. Please inform Dada Krsnasevananda if you would like to go so we can make arrangements to travel together by car or train. For information/registration: email:; tel: 32106828; mob: 71881273.