Spiritual Adventure Retreat

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May 13 – 16 (Pinze)

Skåne, South Sweden

About the Retreat: If you would like a truly inspiring, fun and relaxing way to spend the long Pinze weekend we invite you to join us for a spiritual adventure retreat In the forest of Skåne, in southern Sweden. Soderasens National Park, where we will be hiking, is a very picturesque place. The walking tracks through the forest are like a scene from a fairy tale. And the section of the river Rone, where we will canoe, wanders peacefully through fields and woodlands full of bird life and curious cows who watch you go past. There are a few gentle rapids to add some excitement and challenge. There’s a small chance of ending up in the water but it’s not deep and it’s all part of the fun.

We’ll be staying at the Ugglegarden Farmhouse, a simple but pleasant retreat right on the edge of the forest. You can see elk and deer if you’re out at the right time. You can also camp if you’d prefer to be on your own. We’ll be spending our days out in nature but will keep time in the mornings and evenings for meditation, chanting and yoga exercises. After dinner we can share music and games, talk with friends or read a book. If you need some guidance with meditation there are experienced teachers to help.

Who can participate? Anyone with an interest in meditation and/or a willingness to give it a try. You should also be healthy enough to manage the hike on Saturday and brave enough to set off in the canoes on Sunday. There is no danger but there is a small risk of capsizing and getting wet. You shouldn’t come if you can’t go without cigarettes or alcohol for the weekend.

What to Bring: (Please read carefully) Beds and pillows are provided but you will need to bring your own sleeping bag/sheets, etc. Mornings and evenings can get cool so it’s good to bring a sweater and jacket. A nice pair of walking shoes (trainers will do) and some light shoes or sandals that you don’t mind getting wet. Hat and sun screen are also advised and a day pack for carrying your lunch, camera, water bottle, jacket, etc. will allow you to keep your hands free. The river is also nice for swimming so bring your swim suit.

What not to bring:) We are vegetarian yogis and don’t use drugs, tobacco or alcohol. Natural highs are the best! Please do not bring tobacco, alcohol or drugs nor any non-vegetarian food items.

Food: Three delicious veggie meals will be served every day (lunch will be sandwiches to take with us). Vegan and Gluten free diets can be accommodated.

Cost: (Attention!!! If you bring 4 friends you can come for free!!!)
* 1000 DKK/NK/SEK (students/unemployed 800)
* Includes program, canoes, food and accommodation
* N.B. Transport is extra – about 300 to 400 krone – which we will collect on the day for each of the drivers)

Registration: Online: http://www.anandagaorii.dk/event-items/spiritual-adventure-retreat/

How to Pay:
* Deadline: Tuesday, May 10 (so we can book canoes, buy food, etc.)
* By Mobile Pay: +45 71881273 (Name: Colin Whitelaw)
* By Bank Transfer:
Account name: Ananda Marga DK Kurser/Courses.
Bank: Jyske Bank;
Account No.: 5018-0001348611;
Swift/Bic: JYBADKKK, IBAN: DK2350180001348611
NB! Please include the words “Spiritual Adventure Retreat” in the message line.
* By PayPal: office@anandamarga.dk
* Online: http://www.anandagaorii.dk/event-items/spiritual-adventure-retreat/

Getting There: Ugglegarden (www.ugglegarden.se) is less than two hours drive from Copenhagen (let us know if you need a ride). If you’re coming from elsewhere by bus or train we can arrange to pick you up at the bus stop or train station.

Copenhagen Depart/Return:
* Gather at Ananda Marga Centre, Platanvej 30, Frederiksberg at 16.30, Friday, May 13
* Return approx 16.00, Monday, May 16
* If you have a car and can take passengers, please let us know.

Site Contact Info: 070 2017042 (Sweden)

For more information: Call +45 47314731, or email to info@anandamarga.net or message Dada Krsnasevananda on Facebook.

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