Prout Convention – Spiritual Retreat and Inspiration for Social Change

Prout Convention 2013 – Program

Friday July 19th – Arrival Day

12 – 15.00            Arrive, Register, Settle in

15 – 18.00            Akhanda Kiirtan

18 – 19.30            Dharma Cakra (Kiirtan, Meditation and Spiritual Discourse)

19.30 – 20.30      Dinner

20.30 – 22.00      Village Meeting: Discussing options for skills and energy exchange during the Convention such as People’s Pound, LETS, Timebank, etc. Kicking off with a short intro to the options (including the option of business as usual), then letting people form groups around the idea they are more interested in and see which gets the most support. If two or more, investigate how both, all can be included. Possibility for some kind of small drama to highlight need for change?

Saturday, July 20th


  • Welcome and Brief Intro – Vishvashanti
  • Overview of Progressive Responses to the Financial Crisis Around the World – Rainjita
  • A View from the Streets: News from the streets of Athens – Jaya
  • European Prout News: News of Prout Activities around the Sector (Norway, Portugal, Italy, Rakesh)


  • Beyond the Euro Crisis: Proutistic Solutions for a New Era– Govinda


  • Theatrical Performance of Gogol’s play, “The Government Inspector” by Turkish political theatre group (Bereze), followed by group discussion on corruption.

Sunday, July 21st


  • Overcoming Inner Obstacles – The first struggle the activist faces is his or her own weaknesses and insecurities. Mokshadevii offers useful and encouraging suggestions based on her work with coaching and psycho-therapy and her experience as a Margii.
  • The End of European Capitalism: The Emergence of a Decentralized, People’s Economy. In this workshop, historian Divyajoyti and Prout activist and writer Ramesh, will discuss the inevitability of the break-up of the European Union into a more decentralized federal zone based on economic democracy, sustainability and fair international trade. We will present a future Scandinavian economic model, based on Prout samaj-principles, that could be an alternative, economic and political model for other parts of Europe.

Afternoon (A Choice of Concurrent Workshops):

  • Region-wise Prout Samaj Discussions. Proutists from different Samaj Areas will work on Prout policy proposals for their respective Samajas.
  • Prout Through Permaculture: Exploring the compatibility between Permaculture, Neo-humanism and Prout and how we can put Prout into action by implementing Permaculture projects. Rakesh


  • Devotional Songs and Stories

Monday, July 22nd


  • The Coop Town of Trento: A presentation from Didi Ananda Devapriya fresh back from a cooperative training program held in the highly successful coop town of Trento, Italy.
  • Gross National Happiness – The Importance of How We Measure Progress: Marianna.

Afternoon (A Choice of Concurrent Activities):

  • Continuation of Regional Samaj Planning Meetings
  • Forest Gardens – how to create your own low maintenance food forest. by Rakesh Evening Program


  • Cultural Program: Music, dance and other performances from the participants.

Tuesday, July 23rd 

Morning (Choice of Concurrent Workshops)

  • Proutist Governance and Democracy – a presentation by Dada Lokeshananda looking at:
    • The evolution of governance throughout history
    • Democracy analyzed through Prout
    • Prout-based principles of government and leadership
    • The parallel evolution of governance and technology
    • The stages from democracy to Prout
    • Prout-based governance for business and non-profit organizations
    • Fundamental principles of leadership
  • DIY Energy Workshop: How to build your own solar cells (hands on) plus demonstrations of other new types of alternative energy solutions and discussion about how the emerging new energy technologies will fit into our models of self sustainability. Rasaviharii and Rakesh


  • Results of Samaj discussions brought back and presented to the group


  • Akhanda Kiirtan

Wednesday, July 24th



  • Closing
  • Pack and Clean
  • Depart


Daily Routine

4.45        Wakeup  (Maonabrata (Individual Silence) to be maintained until 8.45)

5.00        Akhanda Kiirtan (3 hours Circular Kiirtan. You may complete your personal routine also during this period) Apart

8.00        Collective Meditation

8.30        Dharma Shastra (spiritual reading and talk)

8.45        Announcements, Kaoshikii and Tandava

9.00        Breakfast

9.45        Cleaning/Duties

10.00     Morning Workshops

12.00     Break

12.10     Kiirtan and Meditation

13.00     Lunch

14.00     Afternoon Workshops

15.30     Break

15.45     Karma Yoga

16.30     Free Time/Volleyball/Beach

17.00     Yoga Class (optional)

18.00     Kiirtan

18.30     Collective Meditation

19.00     Dharma Shastra

19.20     Announcements

19.30     Dinner

20.30     Evening Program

22.00     Avarta Kiirtan

22.15     Meditation

22.30     Sleep