Prout Activist Training, Denmark, July 2011

Title: Prout Activist Training, Denmark, July 2012
Location: Ananda Gaori Master Unit, Denmark
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Description: Ananda Gaori Master Unit, Denmark, July 14-July 19, 2012
(This event will take place right before the Prout Convention, which runs from July 14-19)

As the world’s economy is going through massive upheaval, Prout’s alternative economic theory is becoming more relevant than ever. Understanding the basic premises of Prout’s economic principles and how they can be implemented based on effective, rational Prout policies on a local level, is therefore highly relevant to all margiis.

Prout’s comprehensive vision for economic, political and environmental change will not be implemented by theory alone, but rather by a combination of theory and praxis implemented through local activism spearheaded by local leaders.

This training will be both stimulating and interactive. Conducted by veteran Prout writers and activists from several countries, it will give you both theoretical insights and practical tools for personal and social transformation.

If Prout’s vision for change moves and inspires you, and if you would like to study and discuss Prout more deeply with other Prout activists, this comprehensive and powerful one week training is a must!

Cost: 130 EUR for the course
100 EUR for students & those coming from Eastern Europe, Balkans, Iceland, Portugal, Greece & other Sectors.

Please register by sending an email to: Ananda Gaori master unit (convention venue): +45 5965 8495, 2094 5917 pick up from Holbæk train station: to be announced PU Global Office, Copenhagen: +45 3325 6671 (office), 3187 6347 (office mobile), 3324 1244 (jagrti)

Mail to convention organizers:
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PROUT Basiscs Training Program and Schedule

1st day

Introduction to the Five Fundamental Principles of PROUT
1st and 2nd Fundamental Principles of Prout

3rd and 4th Fundamental Principles of Prout (FPP)

Activist Film Documentary and moderated discussion

2dn day

5th Principle of Prout FPP w/ discussions and summary

PROUT’s Social Cycle, Sadvipra Leadership and the Relevance to Social Change

The Global Economy: Why It Will Collapse

3rd day

PROUT’s Three Tired Economic Structure and its Relevance to Creating a New Economy

Creating Prout Policies Based on the FFP
Panel of Proutists and Moderated discussion

The Documentary “Fierce Light” and Discussion about Spiritual Activism

4th day

Why Decentralization is Key to Creating a Local Economy

Prout and the Environment: What Distinguishes Prout’s Environmental Vision from Other Green Movements?

Cultural Program by Participants

5th day

Comparing Prout and Other Progressive Movements
Moderated Discussions

People’s Movements: Creating Local Activist Movement Strategies

PROUT Street Theatre

6th day

Creating Local Prout Activities
Moderated Group Discussion
Closing Ceremony
Start Date: 2011-07-14
Start Time: 09:00
End Date: 2011-07-19
End Time: 15:00