Permaculture Workshop

with Rakesh “Rootsman Rak”
@ Ananda Gaorii Retreat Center, Vig, Denmark
What is Permaculture
The word ‘permaculture’ comes from ‘permanent agriculture’ and ‘permanent culture’ – it is about living lightly on the planet, and making sure that we can sustain human activities for many generations to come, in harmony with nature. Creating a culture of permanence, includes designing your inner tranquillity, it can be applied to creating integrated and supportive communities, building or retrofitting houses to be more energy efficient, creating ethical businesses and livelihoods, as well as creating abundant food growing spaces.

Course Objectives
The aim of the workshop is to look at what is good and bad in modern living, so we can see what we need to adjust to make our existence more harmonious. We will learn about permaculture ethics, plus the tools and methodologies, which permaculturists have gleaned by observing nature to design abundant systems which work with nature, which take care of her and all her creatures and enrich her at the same time as providing for our needs. Throughout the workshop we will work on real designs, including a design to create low maintenance food growing spaces at the farm. We will also look at the overall usage of the farm, to see how we can make good use of its energies and integrate it into the local community. If you have a project you wish to design, we can also split into groups to design your project. This could be a garden or a community garden, an allotment or a smallholding, it could be a building, a business, a charity or any other system you wish to work on.

What to Expect on the 2 Day Introduction
• A fun and friendly comprehensive introduction to Permaculture
• The history of Permaculture, what issues it can address and where it can be applied
• Peak oil and transition towns (why food prices are increasing and what we can do about it)
• Ethics of Permaculture (how we ensure our designs enrich all life forms, instead of exploiting them)
• How to observe nature (what can we learn from nature and how to make use of natural patterns)
• The intricate and amazing web of life (how and why we need to value diversity)
• Simplifying complex systems (identifying natural patterns, breaking systems down into elements)
• Identifying the requirements of each element, so we can supply our systems needs without effort
• A simple design methodology (a systematic way to add creativity and thoroughness to our designs)

What to expect on the additional 3 day advanced course
• Additional design tools and principals, which can be applied to a broader range of designs
• Basics of forest gardening, companion planting and making low maintenance food growing systems
• Completing group designs, including implementation and maintenance plans
• Advanced mapping and observation skills including using patterns for plant identification
• Building composting systems, composting toilets, ponds, water capture and treatment systems, etc
• Hands on practicals to implement elements of the designs (subject to design & material availability)

Beyond this course
Participants of the 5 day course will be eligible to join an advanced course, which will bring you up to the level of an accredited permaculture designer, which is accredited by the Permaculture Association Britain.

Main teacher: Rakesh ‘Rootsman Rak’
Rakesh has been teaching since he left school in the late 1980’s. He started by teaching computers to businesses. He went on to build very successful computer consultancy designing and managing high end fault tolerant UNIX systems for corporations, government and other large institutions. Taking himself from relative poverty to a comfortable standard of living he then wanted to give back to society and studied various healing arts. This culminated in the study of homoeopathy, which he used to do disaster relief work around the world (in both natural disasters and war zones) as well as teaching and helping local health practitioners to set up rural homoeopathic health clinics.
Much of this work was done through the grass roots charity AMURT (Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team) whose spiritual outlook lead Rakesh to study and eventually teach yoga and yoga philosophy. It was through this association that Rakesh discovered that the meaning of his Sanskrit name was “lord of the full moon”, “lord of creative energy”, which explained to him why he had always felt himself overflowing with constructive ideas and able to teach effortlessly (the moon reflects light *knowledge* by simply existing). So Rakesh is a teacher, a guide, which he does by just being himself.
His dyslexia led him to reject conventional teaching and enquire deeper and more intuitively into all that he was fascinated by. He learned by observing nature, a skill acquired at the age of 4 when he was given his first cucumber seed to plant. This child-like fascination with life has remained and, combined with all the subjects he has applied his mind to, has lead to a natural and deep understanding of Permaculture. He therefore believes his study of Permaculture started at the age of 4.
Rakesh has worked with several Transition Towns in London and Croatia, as well as many community groups in London, bringing this structured, ethical yet intuitive and integrated approach to these community projects. Being led by his creative and intuitive side his talks are always inspired and filled with enthusiasm. He works with the flow and energy of the participants so you never know quite where the adventure will take you but they will always be fun, light hearted and packed full of experiential wisdom.

The Venue – Ananda Gaorii Retreat Center and Organic Farm
Ananda Gaorii is a 25 acre organic farm and meditation retreat near the village of Holbaek, about an hour from Copenhagen and a short bike ride to the beach. The facilities include a meditation hall, kitchen, commercial organic bakery, dining hall, shower & toilet blocks and accommodation in rooms, dormitories and camping area for up to 200 people. The project is run by Ananda Marga, a spiritual and social service organization which teaches yoga and meditation and runs schools, orphanages, medical facilities, rural development projects, disaster relief and other projects around the world

2 day: 1000kr full (800kr if paid in advance by 27th October)
5 day: 1600kr full (1400kr if paid in advance by 27th October)
Cost includes all food (vegetarian) and accommodation. Plus optional yoga and meditation classes
Payment and joining instructions will be sent after you have registered your interest

To register your interest, please use this link:
For more details contact:

Dada Krsnasevananda
Tel. 32106828 Mob. 71881273

United Kingdom:

Rakesh ‘Rootsman Rak’

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