News from Spiritual Adventure Retreat

13 of us joined the spiritual adventure retreat in Skåne, south of Sweden last weekend. We stayed in a little farmhouse on the edge of the forest with a cozy fireplace, a nice space for yoga and meditation and a pleasant kitchen and dining room. We arrived and settled in on Friday and set off early on Saturday after yoga, meditation and breakfast for our canoe trip. Quite a few of us had basic paddling experience so we were able to get moving pretty quickly without too much of a learning curve. The weather was sunny the water level was just right and we had a gentle breeze pushing us from behind – ideal conditions really. On the way we went down numerous gentle rapids which were exciting but easy enough that everyone got through without capsizing. You can see them in the video below. Curious cows watched us go by including a strange long haired and long horned animal which which we couldn’t identify (let us know if you know what it is). We stopped for meditation and lunch in a pleasant camping area and then continued on for another two hours covering a total of seventeen kilometres. Although it was a fairly easy paddle and we were not pushing ourselves we were definitely tired by the end of the day. 

Back at the farmhouse we took advantage of the showers and sauna and finished the day with meditation, a pleasant dinner and very enjoyable conversation and lots of laughs as we relived some of the experiences of the day. 

Sunday morning the weather was not so good and the forecast was rain but we decided to go as planned for hiking in the national park. There was a light rain during much of the hike but we didn’t notice it that much as we were under tree cover for a lot of the way. We ended up having a really great hike and the sound of the rain on the leaves was magical. After going off to find our own magic spots for midday meditation we stopped for lunch at a little campsite on top of a hill which had a great view and brought us all together in a circle. During the first half of the walk we followed a ridge which formed the northern wall of a small river valley. During the second half of the walk we came down into the valley and followed the river back to the lake at the entrance of the park. 

As we were all pretty wet by the end of the hike the sauna was much appreciated and so was the dinner which we didn’t take too long to prepare. We had thought about playing some games but after two busy days everyone was content with conversation or some quiet reading. 

On Monday the weather was fine again. This time we explored the forest around the farmhouse. It is a logging area with alternating patches of planted forest of different types some which were recently logged so not as beautiful as the national park. But it was still a forest and we found some lovely places to walk, climb and meditate. Then we headed back for one more meal together before heading home. 

It was a great trip – with everything just a little better than we had hoped – the canoeing, the hiking, the people and the spiritual flow.