Lecture: What Happens When Prout Meets Permaculture?

A Dialogue Between Two Major Alternatives to our Current Way of Life
Thursday, November 8, 7.00 p.m.
Ananda Marga Center, Platanvej 30, Frederiksberg
Admision Free

Prout and Permaculture are two new approaches for recreating the way we live.
Prout proposes an inclusive vision of prosperity based on a harmonious balance between individual and collective needs and cooperation. Key Prout Principles include: ethical ceilings on wealth; the right to the minimum requirements of life; maximum utilization of human resources; economic democracy, economic decentralization and regional self-reliance.
Permaculture offers a way of living lightly on the planet which allows us to sustain human activities in harmony with nature far into the future. Permaculture seeks to minimize waste, human labor, and energy input by building systems with maximal benefits between design elements to achieve a high level of synergy.
Both Permaculture and Prout have core sets of principles used to judge the helpfulness or harmfulness of various approaches. Permaculture ethics come from natural systems while Prout ethics are based on perennial wisdom, in particular, yoga. In this discussion we will explore how Prout and Permaculture measure up according to each other’s core principles and how combining the two offers an attractive alternative to the status quo.
The discussion will be conducted by Rakesh Rootsman, a talented and experienced Permaculture designer from the UK and Ole Brekke, a long time Prout activist from Copenhagen.