Free Lecture on Food Security, Permaculture and Forest Gardens

There will be an exciting presentation by visiting Permaculture trainer/activist, Rakesh Rootsman, on Friday, Feb. 15. at our Platanvej Center at 19.00. The subject matter of the presentation is outlined below. Hope you can make it.
Presentation Contents:

1. Food security: Where does our food come from, and how likely is it that the impending scarcity of oil and associated price rise will effect the availability and price of food? What alternatives do we have to avoid a global food shortage?

2. What is Permaculture, and how can it help us to think in the right way towards creating abundant systems, including food growing, communities, economics, etc.?
3. What is an edible food forest (forest garden) and how can it return more food, medicine, soaps, dyes, building materials etc. per square meter than a heavily industrialized agricultural system with almost no input or work required ?
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