Easter Retreat

March 29 – April 1

Ananda Gaorii Farm and Retreat Center

Vig, Denmark

 Kiirtan, Meditation and Inspiration

900 Dkkr

 71881273, 32106828



A retreat is a precious opportunity to take time out from the rush of everyday life and focus on spirituality. The daily rhythm of Kiirtan (chanting), meditation and yoga, combined with walks in nature, music and satsaunga (spiritual company) refreshes our spirit and provides guidance and inspiration for our forward movement. The concentrated spiritual atmosphere enables us to have experiences in meditation which are hard to achieve in normal circumstances.


The program begins at 1500 on Friday March 29 and finishes at 1200 on Monday, April 1. Along with the daily spiritual routine there will be workshops  by Ananda Marga teachers highlighting useful and interesting aspects of spiritual philosophy and practice. As the farm is located on the beautiful Sjællands Odde peninsula we will also take time to explore the nearby beach and forest. Finally, with so many talented performers amongst us we will include at least one evening for cultural entertainment. A separate program for children will also be arranged.


Ananda Gaorii has a mixture of dormitories and rooms with enough heated space for 60 – 70 people. This year we have a large and comfortable new house with views looking out over the lake and orchard. We provide mattresses on the floor but participants should bring their own bedding.


The cost of the retreat is 900 Dkkr. Children under 5 are free. Children 5 – 12 are half price and teenagers 13 – 17 are 675 Dkkr. The registration fee can be deposited in the following account at Jyske Bank: 5010-0001465289 (For international deposits: IBAN: DK9450100001465289; SWIFT/BIC: JYBADKKK). To register please contact Dada Krsnasevananda: email: krsnasevananda@gmail.com; Mob: 71881273, Tel: 32106828.

What to Bring

Towel, bedding, toothbrush, soap, etc. and yoga mat if you have one.

How to Get There

By train we can pick you up from Holbæk Station. There is a direct train from Copenhagen Central. By car, please click on this link: http://on.fb.me/WQAo3z. The contact numbers for the farm are: 59658495 and 26453521.

Classes, Workshops, Activities

Friday, March 29

Afternoon – 15.00 – 17.00: Arrive, register, settle in.

17.00 Yoga Class, etc. (go to “Daily Routine” at the end for timing of all regular activities)

Evening Program: Games, Ice Breakers

Saturday, March 30

Morning: Hiking in nearby forest

Afternoon 1st Period (Beginners): “Cosmology of Yoga and Ayurveda” The big questions: “Where are we from, where are we going and how do we get there?” by Omkarnath.

Afternoon 1st Period (Advanced): “Taking the Opposite Stance in Battle” – The Tantric strategy for dealing with internal and external obstacles” by Dada Ambareshvarananda

Afternoon 2nd Period (Collective): “Prout and Climate Change” – A look at how economic decentralization, regional self-reliance and other Prout policies could dramatically reduce the man-made causes of climate change. Vishvashanti (Note: “Prout” is a new socio-economic theory based on economic democracy and regional self-reliance).

Evening Program: “Akhanda Kiirtan” 20.00 – 23.00. A blissful spiritual experience. 3 hours circular chanting and dance. (Note: It is not required to dance the entire time. You may sit, listen, meditate or take a little walk if necessary).

Sunday, March 31

Morning 1st Period: “Heart Circle” – The Heart Circle is a psycho-spiritual workshop using mantra and collective spiritual energy to help us transmute feelings and thoughts which are bothering us – relieving  us of  burdens we have been carrying for a long time. Later, when we sit for meditation, we feel light and peaceful. By Didi Ananda Tapatii

Morning 2nd Period: “Scandinavia, Prout Style”. The Scandinavian social model has many good aspects but there are also problems. What kind of changes would Prout make, given a free hand in Scandinavia. Panel Discussion

Afternoon 1st Period: “An Introduction to the “Forest Garden”” – Forests thrive and grow without pesticides, fertilizer, or human interference. How can we design our gardens so that they can

supply a wide variety of our needs with a minimum amount of labor and zero artificial inputs. Cathrine Dolleris.

Afternoon 2nd Period: Help Create our New Forest Garden. Here’s a chance to participate in the process of creating an actual Forest Garden. We made a design for Ananda Gaorii in February and invite you to join us in planting trees and making pathways.

Evening: Cultural Program – We are blessed with lots of talented musicians and performers. Here’s a chance to share a song, skit or story or just enjoy the performances of others.

Monday April 1

Morning 1st Period: 9.30 – 11.00 Country Stroll. A farewell walk through the pretty fields and gardens of our local neighborhood.

Morning 2nd Period: 11.00 Closing; 11.30 Pack, clean, depart. Lunch will be provided for those who don’t need to leave in a hurry.


Daily Routine

Note: Beginners can skip the dawn meditation

 and come for the Yoga Class at 6.00


4.45      Wake up 13.30     Individual Silence/Rest
5.00      Dawn Meditation 14.00     1st Afternoon Period
5.30      Shower 15.00      Break
6.00      Yoga Class 15.15      2nd Afternoon Period
7.00      Kiirtan*/Meditation 16.15      Free Time
8.00      Spiritual Talk 17.00      Yoga Class
8.30      Breakfast 18.00      Kiirtan/Meditation
9.15      1st Morning Period 19.00      Spiritual Talk
10.15    Break 19.30      Dinner
10.30    2nd Morning Period 20.30      Evening Program
11.30   Break 22.00    Kiirtan/Meditation
11.45   Kiirtan/Meditation 22.30    Sleep
12.30   Lunch