Alternative Currency Workshop and Veggie Feast – Friday, March 21


Can redesigning money change the world for the better? YES! This will be an introductory workshop on gift economy, complementary currencies and how to implement them locally, followed by discussion, a money game plus meditation and dinner. future vision is to actually make or improve one of these systems.
18.00 – 22.30 at Ananda Marga Center, Platanvej 30, frederiksberg. Cost by donation. Registration: Email: Martin at (Note: if you would like to participate in organizing this project please inform Martin)
(only room for around 40 people so if you say please tell me if you will be there) NO INTRANCE FEE ! everything is donation based 🙂 LANGUAGE : ENGLISH


17:30 guided meditation with Dada Krsnasevananda
18:00 vegetarian dinner
19:00 workshop interactive, game get a wider understanding of money and complementary currencies.
20:00 short break
21:00 workshop ends.
21:00 Ted talk clip short clip about what money is with economist Bernard Lietaer. (20 min)
21:20 video Charles Eisenstein: gift economy. (12 min )
22:30 “time to go”