2012 European Prout Convention



The current economic crisis, hanging like a shadow over Europe, is affecting everyone in all areas of our society. We recognize the need for alternatives with a neo-humanist perspective. We European Proutists will convene in July to continue to define our response to this crisis affecting, more or less severely, all countries in Europe.
During last year’s convention, the working groups did an outstanding job of clarifying and defining Prout perspectives on the issues discussed. This year we want to focus on defining a common Prout response to specific effects of the current European economic crisis. For this we will ask everyone attending to do some local research on some details of the effects in their country. But more about that in a later update. This will lead directly into the intensive Prout Activist Training that follows the convention. (Please see the following announcement about the training.)
As the crisis deepens and capitalism breaks down around us it becomes increasingly important to engage ourselves in building up an alternative. We can do this by:

  • Establishing ourselves in spiritual values and awareness
  • Bringing more sustainability and creativity into the way we live and work
  • Creating and strengthening community and master units.
  • Deepening our understanding of Prout and how to apply it practically to the issues of the day: inequality, unemployment, sustainability and economic democracy.
  • Improving our creative ability to get the message out through actions, media, movements or, eventually, political parties.

Through 5 days of collective living, meditating, workshopping and planning the aim of this year’s Prout Convention is to strengthen our ability to create, live and promote the Prout alternative. One of the most important building blocks of this alternative is the cooperative. As 2012 is the International Year of Cooperatives there will be a special emphasis this year on cooperatives and their importance in alleviating unemployment and inequality while promoting sustainability and economic democracy. Cooperative topics will include:

  • Why and how to start them
  • Why they succeed or fail
  • Where to find support

Daily Program: Along with the workshops the schedule will include four times daily meditation, daily asana classes, the usual charming and dynamic evening cultural programs and, of course, wonderful vegetarian food, most of it locally grown.
Children’s Program: The children’s facilities and program will include complete child care in the children’s tent and the enclosed children’s area with programs for all ages for developing their understanding of cooperatives. And, the miles of beach and dunes are only ten minutes away.

  • keep checking www.proutglobe for updates on the program

Accommodation: Facilities are the comfortable Ananda Gaori Master Unit in the rolling hills of North Sjæland, Denmark, open countryside space with plenty of camping places as well as indoor accommodations. This year the facilities have been renovated and extended to include better bathrooms and a new living space for families and children.
Registration: Please Preregister. This is vitally important for our planning and accommodations, especially for anyone with special needs. Space is very limited except for camping. We encourage camping to ensure you have privacy and more peace.
The costs for the convention:

  • Singles €185
  • Couples €310
  • Students-pensioners, and unemployed €140
  • Portugal, Spain, Iceland, Greece, €140
  • Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania,
  • Hungary, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Romania €100
  • From the Balkan countries and other sectors, concessions will be available when registering in advance or at registration.

Site: Ananda Gaorii
Holbækvej 56A
4560 Vig, Denmark
Tel. +45 47314731

Contact: Prout Global Office
Email: proutconvention12@gmail.com
Tel.: +45 33 24 12 44
+45 33 25 66 71

Second Annual Prout Activist Training
Ananda Gaori MU, Denmark
July 22-26, 2012

As the European and world economy is going through massive upheaval, Prout’s alternative economic theory is becoming more relevant than ever. Understanding the basic premises of Prout’s economic principles and how they can be implemented based on effective, rational Prout policies on a local, national and international level, is therefore highly relevant to all Margiis.

Prout’s comprehensive vision for economic, political and environmental change will not be implemented by theory alone, but rather by a combination of theory and praxis implemented through local activism spearheaded by local leaders.

This training will be both stimulating and interactive. During last year’s successful training, we studied and discussed the Five Fundamental Principles of Prout to develop a comprehensive understanding of Prout for policy discussions and for local implementation.

This year, all participants will receive a newly published book on the Five Fundamental Principles for self-study before the training. This will make this training more focused, interactive, and equally valid for both new participants and those who participated last year.

During the training, we will focus the discussions on new topics, including:

1) Dispel common myths about Prout’s political and economic theory. We will discuss what these myths are and how we can overcome them. Some of the critical issues we will discuss are: free trade, economic protectionism, political democracy vs. economic democracy, self-sufficiency, master units and Prout.

2) Analyze the European economic crisis and develop a new economic plan for your local area and Europe as a whole. Some of the topics we will discuss: Will the European Union reach a severe crisis point and soon break up? If so, what will Europe, your own country and region look like in the near future? Or is the EU worth saving? Can the union be reconstituted in accordance with economic democracy and Prout? Should we encourage more countries to join the EU, or should we oppose it?

Conducted by veteran Prout writers and activists from several countries, this training will give you both theoretical insights and practical tools for personal and social transformation.

If Prout’s vision for change moves and inspires you, and if you would like to study and discuss Prout more deeply with other Prout activists, this comprehensive and powerful one week training is a must!

 €80 or DKK 600